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Aquatic therapy also known as Hydrotherapy

This is an ancient method and popular method of treatment in which the physical properties of thermal water immersion are utilized to gain relaxation and pain relief. The buoyancy of water may be used to assist or resist joint movements as well as minimizing the compressive forces of gravity.

Several musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain, aching joints, muscular pain and fatigue, joint stiffness, cramps or tension, insomnia and neurological conditions would benefit immensely from hydrotherapy.

A: pain relief

Aquatic therapy stimulates the body endorphins which in turn helps you to control pain and alleviate tension. The warmth of the water helps your muscle to relax, reduce swelling and pain with subsequent increase range of movement at the joint.

B: stress

Stress related illnesses can trigger a wide range of physical and psychological problems. Being under stress can adversely affect your immune system and can cause increase in blood pressure and pulse rate. Regular hydrotherapy treatments can slow down the process of stress reaction.

C: circulation

Good circulation brings the benefit of good lymph drainage which helps to clear the body of toxins. Hydrotherapy improves blood flow which in turn takes oxygen and nourishment to all your cells and tissues and promotes regular detoxing.

At Astella Clinics, well structured one–to–one and group hydro pool programme, specifically designed by our hydrotherapy specialist physiotherapist, utilizing the properties of water will be used to maximise your return to full functions.

Shockwave therapy

This is a non-invasive treatment aimed at providing pain relief for certain sports injuries and orthopaedic conditions such as Achilles tendinopathy, calicific tendinopathy of the shoulder or elbow, tennis elbow/golfer’s, heel spurs (plantar fasciitis) patellar tendinopathy (jumpers knee), trochanteric bursitis, hamstring tendinopathy and myofascial release. It works by applying non electrical shockwaves to the painful tissue. These shockwaves will not only breakdown calcified tissues but also initiates increase blood flow in the area which will stimulate and accelerate the body’s own healing process.

This treatment is delivered by a qualified clinician, who identifies the painful area with palpation or diagnostic ultrasound. An ultrasound gel will be applied to the skin before administering the shockwave using a hand-held probe in order to ensure good contact. This is a non-invasive procedure. If pain is experienced during the treatment, adjustments can be made to the treatment settings to reduce the level of discomfort.

An average of 3-4 courses of treatment is required but will vary from patient to patient. Each treatment session lasts approximately 10-15 minutes

IDD (Intradiscal decompression) Therapy

Back pain affects nearly everyone at some point during their life. Whilst most back pain resolves itself or with a short course of treatment, for some people back pain can become an unwelcome companion. The IDD therapy is the non-surgical spinal decompression treatment for people suffering with chronic back pain and neck pain.

Treatment works by gently distracting and mobilising targeted spinal segments using a series of carefully controlled oscillatory pulling forces which we call distraction forces. The distraction helps to improve mobility in the painful area and this is important for healing.

As the distraction helps relieve pressure on spinal nerves, the inter vertebral disc and facet joints; which are the most likely causes of spinal pain, the oscillation enables patients to adapt to higher pulling forces whilst remaining completely relaxed for the duration of treatment (some patients actually go to sleep during treatment!). Patients safety is paramount with IDD treatment, hence it is equipped with many safety features for complete peace of mind. Treatment lasts for approximately 25 minutes, during which the joint will be fully distracted for 13 minutes.

IDD Therapy is a tool used as part of a complete programme of care. As treatments progress and pain is relieved, you will be shown simple exercises to help condition the body and are advised on lifestyle changes to help get the most from the treatment and achieve lasting pain relief. The number of treatments you require will vary depending on the nature of your condition. Some patients can experience relief within a few treatments, whilst other patients require a course of treatments to give the body time to adapt to changes, heal and strengthen.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)Low level Laser therapy is the application of light – usually low power laser in the range of 1mW – 500mW aimed at reducing inflammation, muscle spasm, pain and ultimately, facilitate tissue healing wherever the beam is placed, whether on muscle, tendon or ligament. Treatment usually lasts for few minutes and can be applied three times weekly and have no side effect. Low level Laser unlike the medical Laser, delivers photochemical effect on tissues comparable to photosynthesis in plant whereby light is absorbed causing a chemical change. We aim to us low level laser therapy to add a new dimension to your treatment facilitating early return to work.

  • Acute or chronic tendinopathy
  • Ligament sprains and muscle strains
  • Neck and back pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Post-operative pain

Specialised sports injury rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is an essential component for a successful return to functions post injury or surgery. A well-tailored high level sport specific rehabilitation programme, which was once exclusively reserved for elite athletes, is made available to all at the Astella Clinics. The rehabilitation programme will be multifaceted compromising of goal setting, rehabilitation progression, evaluating goals and outcome, sports specific reconditioning and return to sports or function.

Through a well-structured clinically reasoned framework involving evidence based intervention and exercises, we incorporate the multi factorial holistic approach to optimize your recovery. Our ultra-modern gymnasium facilities provides the base for robust rehabilitation. Using the complex electro-stimulator to complement or occasionally to replace voluntary physical muscle activity in order to improve performance and well being.

Injection therapy

A local steroid injection is given to reduce inflammation and pain within a joint, especially for people with inflamed arthritic peripheral/spinal joints and tendon pathology. At Astella Clinics we focus on using steroid injections as an adjunct for treating such peripheral musculoskeletal disorders as arthritis, acute/chronic tendinopathy, bursitis, neuromas, and fasciitis.Due to the aseptic technique and low strength of the local dosage we use, the risk of side effects such as infection, changes in mood and thinning of skin are unlikely. However, there may be occasional flare-up in the joint pain within the first 24 hours after an injection but it usually settles on its own within a couple of days.

Elderly functional exercise class

We now run a exercise class. It is targeted at the over 70s. This runs every Tuesday and Thursday of the week.


At Astella Clinics, we have the services of wheelchair access van to ferry patients from their home to physiotherapy sessions and other hospital appointment as may be required.

This service is also available for airport pick-up to those patients who may be coming to Astella from out of the state.

If you are interested in one of our services, need more information on a condition we treat or simply want to book an appointment then please call us on 0809 803 4000 / 0809 803 7000 or email us at admin@astellaphysiotherapyclinics.com for more information.

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