DSE Work Station Ergonomics in Nigeria

Desk Station Equipment (DSE) are devices that have graphic display or alphanumeric screen which includes display screens, laptops, telephone and other similar devices.

Most of people tend to spend the whole day at work on their desk which could easily culminate into bad posture, especially with poorly designed workstations and improper or overuse of DSE. Staying in one position for a long time could eventually lead to muscle fatigue/short-term pains and aches that can turn into long-term injuries.

The most common risk associated with using DSE are musculoskeletal disorders such as aches and pain in the shoulder, neck, back, hands and wrists; visual problem and mental stress.

At Astella Physiotherapy Clinic our objective is carry out a comprehensive DSE workstation assessment and make recommendations to minimise the risk and promote health. We will identify health issues and concerns relating to use of laptops, hot desking and home working and advice on remedial action in line with Nigerian health safety legislation. Our musculoskeletal disorder specialist physiotherapists will also treat any impairment (acute or chronic) arising from the poor work environment, which most people encounter on a daily basis.

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